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Development Updates

Development Updates

We love to keep you engaged with continuous development updates of BTCDraft.
We will update this page when any news comes out!

  • Jan.
  • Update: Referral Program, Credits & Profiles

    - Customisable public profiles
    - Implementation of referral program
    - FAQ page created with updates to come
    - Integration of credit function
    - Continued game section development
    - General bug fixes

  • Update: Game Related Functionality

    - Begin development of game section
    - Notification feature integrated
    - Various site functionality updates
    - General bug fixes

  • Dec.
  • Update: Coin Voting

    - Coin voting functionality added
    - User coin voting feature enabled
    - Email notification implementation and testing
    - Added user profile security features
    - General bug fixes

  • Update: Withdrawals

    - Withdrawal functionality created
    - Email communication implemented for withdrawals
    - Enhanced security features for withdrawals added
    - USD Balance feature was integrated
    - General bug fixes