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The crypto gaming platform

BTCDraft provides users with the opportunity to use their skills in games focused primarily on the knowledge of arcade and casino games. The sports gambling platform, and subsequent efforts, including the auction house and a fully functional casino, will be available. Integral to the concept of BTCDraft, is a new cryptocurrency designed specifically for our crypto gaming platform, and will be used to play games on the site - this currency is called DraftCoin [DFT].

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BTCDraft will be the first cryptocurrency to have a blockchain built on top of the gaming platform. Along with the use of DFT as the game's website currency, we also plan to take advantage of the blockchain technology to store player stats and high scores, thus providing the highest scoring score system possible, excellent gaming experience To our users.

Draftcoin will be paired with dollars. So as the price of Bitcoin moves against the dollar, it will do the same with DFT. To protect our users from currency value fluctuations, DFT will be fully tradable directly on, as well as a number of exchange cryptocurrency.

KnockOut Games

Most of the multiplayer games on will be setup in a "knock out" format. where the final player left standing receives the game's prize jackpot.

Auction House

Featuring our very own auction house that allow clients to auction off and buy legal items such as sports memorabilia and cryptocurrency mining hardware in exchange for DFT. Plus Weekly Jackpots for a chance to win more DFT.

Game Developers

contractual agreements that can be set up with game developers, creating an opportunity for new games to be added to the site, and an opportunity for developers to get paid when customers play their games.

Community Contests

Offering Community Contests at BTCDraft in new future, there will be many other opportunities to win DFT as well as translations and bounties.

DFT Coin

BTCDraft Cypto-Gaming Currency

Draft BTC is proudly launching with NO ICO! 15 million of a total of 20 million DFT has been mined in these 5 million coins and the latter will be paid to customers staking DFT in their personal wallets. 10 million coins will be kept in a multi-signature wallet, held offline, for use within our future casino. Once the DFT is added as a tradable currency to a third party exchange, we will be buying back DFT available to replenish the home supply. DraftCoin is 75% pre-mined, PoS [Proof of stake] Cryptocurrency used exclusively for our platform directly. is designed to attract crypto enthusiasts, the gaming community award, and newcomers to bitcoin. Users are provided with the opportunity to increase their cryptocurrency holdings without trying to trade the stock market. Why not build value into your cryptocurrency investments while having fun through competitive games?

FDFT will be a Free version of DFT only available on site. All new users who register at will receive this token. FDFT can be used to play games for free without risk. You will be able to use FDFT in various locations within the site like purchasing raffle tickets to win memorabilia or gift cards.

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