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Quebec, Canada



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Welcome to BTCDRAFT


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The Future of Crypto Gaming is finally here.

We all love to trade coins, but what is there to do when everything is going sideways?

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We have chosen to not offer an ICO like every other crypto.

Rather than making false promises and leading people on, we've decided to just go ahead and build our Idea instead!

Crypto Company

BTCDraft provides users the opportunity to use their skills in games that focus primarily on knowledge of Arcade and Casino Games Like slots. Because we understand that many users enjoy the thrill of playing slot games. Korean Blogs like 슬롯 사이트 also feature a vast selection of slot sites, providing games ranging from traditional fruit machines to modern video slots with immersive themes and exciting bonus features. Other later endeavors including an Auction House, and a fully functional Casino, will be made available.


Integral to the very idea of BTCDraft is a new cryptocurrency designed specifically for our gaming platform, and will be used to play all games on the website--this coin is called DraftCoin [DFT].


Draftcoin will be paired with USD. To protect our users from currency value fluctuations, DFT will be fully tradeable directly on, as well as our very-own cryptocurrency exchange! Using trading bots like bitcoin code is also advisable to conduct safe automated crypto trading.

Our company

BTCDraft will be the first gaming platform of its kind. Along with using DFT as the gaming website’s native currency, we will also store player statistics and high scores, so you may look up and brag how much you've made. This is truly a premium gaming experience in crypto available exclusively to all our users.

BTCDraft will also feature its very own auction house which will allow users to auction off and buy legal items such as sports memorabilia and cryptocurrency mining hardware in exchange for DFT.

Our expertise

Highscore games will be reset daily and leftover funds will be added to a weekly Jackpot.. This Jackpot will give users a chance to win more DFT or just to win back what was lost. Users will be able to stake their coins on their very own DFT wallet available for download below conveniently ready for the three major operating systems.

Securely store them in your personal wallet, BTCDraft web wallet, or cash them out directly on the website to withdraw BTC!

Download Draftcoin Wallet