Hey everybody, As some of you may already know, we are up and operational again.

Those of you with coins in the Casino should still have them in your accounts. Here is some important information about DFT that you should know.

* YOU CAN REMOVE DFT FROM YOBIT via YOBIT CODE, Just Sent the code to support in Btcdraft . Make a Support Request and we will credit it to your account!

BTCDraft / DraftCoin Plans:

Coin: Release new DFTz coin, replacing antiquated DFT blockchain via coin swap. New coin has all the features we wanted to add to DFT but were unable to. Mine-able, Masternodes, Private Send, Instant Send and more. It is not 100% premine like DFT was. It was only pre-mined to build coin for swap. All remaining DFTz coin can be mined from your wallet.

Site: We have condensed sites down to single web brand instance, with the main casino running at, and no longer running a separate WWW site. From the casino site, we will continue to link out to our new source code and other relevant BTCDraft content that was available on the old WWW.
Site focus will be on completing at first the 5-6 primary games, including the poker server. Once those items are fully online and solid, we will begin to expand games into the ‘addictive’ category, i.e slot machines and other quick play games.

Further, we will continue to work towards establishing a structured booking/betting platform for sports, and potentially even other items (crypto, politics, etc).

Operational: As we all know, we suffered a major outage, including data loss in 2019 due to Amazon last year, I moved all of the BTCDraft sites into my own controlled data-center, onto my own equipment. Going forward, we will continue to house our platform and equipment in-house. We will not fall to the outrageous outside expenses we were experiencing using Amazon, nor their ability to just block / lock our sites / data from us.

Currently, BTCDraft is still operating under a guerrilla marketing and update schedule. That is, we have very minimal development funds, Simon and I have been funding this from the beginning, since last year, I have taken on all costs and expenses related to hardware and collocation / serviceability / internet access, etc. This has cut our overall operations costs dramatically, but we will have growth in expenses for hardware, as the site user count increases.

Staff wise, we are currently working to see if we can establish an agreement with someone for social media marketing and graphics arts. These positions would be paid in DFTz.
We will expand our push for independent game developers to use our platform to publish their games and share revenues.
We also have several major game developers, that we are trying to get established with, that should allow us to add select games from their development, under a shared revenue basis.

Exchanges: Currently, DFT is listed on Yobit, but the wallet is in maintenance mode. Once the volume comes up there, they will re-activate it.
With the upcoming swap to DFTz from DFT, we would like to not only swap the coin/wallet at Yobit, but also add DFTz to several other exchanges. This is really based upon community support and the expenses involved. Yobit is potentially 0.5 BTC to complete swap. The others we are looking at adding to, are looking at costs from 0.5 BTC and up.
With the DFT coin market price low, there is not the ability for the casino to potentially sell some DFT coin to cover the expenses of the new exchanges. This is an item we need to all work on as a community.

James (Tiranad) / Simon (simonsez420)