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BTCDraft Dev update (Casino, New Games, DraftCoinZ, Exchanges, Binance....)

Casino Site:
We have been working hard on many of the backend controls needed to implement several new game developers' games into BTCDraft.

Over the next 60 days, we should begin full live beta testing of casino games from BetSoft Games, bringing over 100 casino slots and several new tables games (Pai Gow, Red Dog, and more) to the BTCDraft casino. Our next in line is MicroGaming out of the UK, which we hope to have bring on live dealer Roulette, Baccarat, and Wheel of Fortune. They also bring 100+ top rated new Casino games, with hundreds more micro-games and many progressive jackpots. From there, we are working on several others including full fantasy sports, and live wagering.

Multi-Language support:
We are working on some backend controls to allow users to pick the language of choice from those we have translated for. Most of the new games are multi-lingual, so it is probably time for the site to support users preference and language also. Our multiplayer poker lobby, tables and games already support multiple languages, the user just needs to be able to select them for use.
This will also require some help from the community. If I do not have a language file for poker for example in the language you want, it will need to be created. If you are willing to help to create the needed translations, just let Simon or I know.

With the new games, comes new features. We will now have the ability to do linked and pooled jackpots in the slot machines, along with the ability to scroll / display the current jackpots across the site.

We have a few planned promos coming up with the Swap and new games release, but they are still a bit secret :) Also, we are always looking for new ideas that could bring in new players. Please feel free to message us with your ideas.

DraftCoinZ (DFTZ):
We are rolling along, we have the new DFTZ wallet fully released. Quite a few people have jumped into the mining pool and are working on setting up masternodes with their gains.
The DFTZ network is running just under 87 GH (86241.6992 MH), with 12 masternodes worldwide and more adding daily.

Swap from DFT to DFTZ:
I would like to set the swap date for a weekend during April, had been looking at April 11th, but want to have the Exchanges ready and running the new DraftCoinZ wallet. So the 11th is a bit to soon of a notice without the exchanges all in line. Sort of a catch 22. Any community help on chatting up these older exchanges about getting our new / opening our old wallet would be appreciated. If we get the exchanges moving, we can shoot for the weekends of the 17-18th, or 24-25th and still hit April.

Yobit: Currently we have a paid request to open the old DFT wallet and update to the new DFTZ wallet / ticker. There has been no response to our request as of this time, it's been about 10 days.

FreiExchange: Currently has the old DFT wallet in maintenance, I have opened ticket 10+ days ago on fork to DFTZ, new wallet spec, code, etc. As they were originally waiting for it. I have not gotten a reply to the ticket as of yet. Simon is digging further.

BitexLive: Is requesting 0.05 BTC pre-listing and 0.05 BTC post listing. Sort of a sore subject, as we helped them out when they first started by listing DFT coin there and bringing traffic. Will have to see. They do have volume. ?
Whitebit: 0.08 for listing in all markets, not a huge amount of volume.
Graviex: Ready and willing to list DFTZ for about 0.08 BTC, may become an option if these others do not get on the ball.
Bithumb: (Asia) Of course as gamblers, they are interested in DFTZ. Requests a refundable deposit after 90 days. To ensure no scam coins, etc apparently. Not sure on amount yet.
Well.... I have been working in the backend again, as normal, to build a Wrapped DFTZ ERC20 token (WDFTZ) on the Binance Smart Chain. This will be a tokenized version of DFTZ, pegged 1:1 with DFTZ via fixed liquidity through pancake swap and others. With this tokenized version on the Binance smart chain, we can get DFTZ onto Binance's trading ecosystem much easier, facilitate trading sites that are Token only and more.

Will try to setup a bi-weekly update, maybe even weekly as we go forward.