BTCDraft shared Masternode Service

Here you can find information and rules about our shared Masternodes

Shared Masternode Service Information

Rules & Fees:

  • Deposits:
    All Deposits must be in by last day of a given month in order to run in the coming month
  • Fees:
    On withdrawal, 10% of Withdrawals/Dividends that exceed the initial deposit will be deducted from your payment. For example, if you deposit 1.000DFT and receive 10DFT in revenue, on withdrawing 10DFT or more, the fee will be 1DFT
  • Early Withdrawal:
    Early withdrawal of your MN funds prior to close of a certain month is possible, but this would result in forfeiting the monthly % dividend for that month.
  • Withdrawal Requests:
    [email protected]
  • Dividend Payments:
    Dividend payments will be made monthly on the last day of a given month to the listed wallet. 10% MN hosting fee will be deducted from your dividend payment
  • Notes:
    Due to the nature of the deposits, all deposits to activate a node service must be in place by the last day of the prior month, all node balances are fixed from start of month until dividend payment on last day of month.

To obtain your share on a pooled Masternode, please send a mail to [email protected] to register and provide the following information:

- Withdrawal Address
- Email Address

If Deposit has already been made:
- Deposit Transaction ID
- Deposit Date